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Legend of Eterna – Official iOS

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Legend of Eterna (by Sunice Limited)

Warriors of Eterna! Assemble!

You are about to face the legions of the Dark Lord, you will fight against the Dark Lord with your heroes, and face the waves of never-ending enemies. Now enjoy this adventure!

Legend of Eterna

Game Features
1. This is a combination of an action game and a survival game. There are a variety of modes in the game. In addition to the adventure mode, many different roguelike gameplays are available.

Legend of Eterna

2. In the diverse battle modes, you can freely equip 5 kinds of weapons. With randomly acquired, unlimited stacking skills. You just won’t want to stop!

Legend of Eterna

3. 7 major scenarios, 56 sub-chapters, more than 800 levels. There are dozens of monsters and mighty bosses with different powers.

Legend of Eterna

4. Activate runes, upgrade equipment, collect rings, and raise pets. Enhance your team in different ways.

Legend of Eterna

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