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Pet’s War : Animal Heroes Saga

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pet’s War : Animal Heroes Saga (by Online.Games)

One day, a dark force invades the forest and summons evil monsters.
Fight against the dark forces and help the animals to protect the forest.
Pet’s War is an idle RPG where you collect companions and grow through battle.

Summon cute pets and recruit them as allies.
Once recruited, they can be sent into battle immediately.
Grow your pets through battle.
Their growth will help you defeat monsters and complete stages.

Pet’s War : Animal Heroes Saga

Growth has a special meaning in idle RPGs.
Use the goods you earn from killing monsters to upgrade your pets.
There are many different upgrade systems in Pet’s War, and there’s even a special upgrade that improves all of your characters at once.
Offer sacrifices at sacred altars to grant your pets special powers.

Pet’s War : Animal Heroes Saga

The characters in Pet’s War are based on a variety of real-life animals and have compelling stories.
‘Monkriever’, a monkish retriever, creates a shield around himself and leaps into enemy territory.
‘Right hand Stungun’, a cat with a modified body, uses a booster to penetrate enemy lines and deliver powerful blows.
Meet an endless cast of charming characters.

Pet’s War : Animal Heroes Saga

Enjoy the dungeons, quests, item gathering, guilds, missions, PVP, and much more.
Play cooperatively or competitively with other players for more fun.

Features of Pet’s War
Various types of cute pets: Cat, dog, sheep, and many other types of pets and animals
Collect adorable pets: Join the battle together as companions with special abilities
Collection effect: The more pets you collect, the more their stats grow
Strategic battles: Combine character traits and skills to fight strategic battles
Sacrifice system: Offer sacrifices to the sacred altar to gain power
Multifaceted hero development system: Supports growth in various ways, including leveling up and unique skills
Upgrade your equipment: Upgrade your equipment and unlock special powers through enchantments

Pet’s War : Animal Heroes Saga

If you love cute pets and want to play a fun and casual game, then Pet’s War is the right game for you.
Start your journey with animals in Pet’s War today.
Thank you for choosing Pet’s War : Animal Heroes Saga.

Pet’s War : Animal Heroes Saga

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