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Devil Tales : Idle RPG – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Devil Tales : Idle RPG (by gameberry studio(Idle RPG Simulation)

Endless farming! Cruel fairy tale 3D collection idle RPG

The dark force has come to the peaceful fairy tale world of Kamang!
Rescue the kidnapped princess and fight against the darkness with the various heroes!

Super fast growth just by idling!
While you sleep, your heroes in mobile will continue to explore the fairy tale world and grow without stop!
With automatic hunting and various items that can be obtained even when you’re offline, you can quickly and easily grow your heroes.

Devil Tales : Idle RPG

Over 40 unique heroes with a variety of skills!
From a baby in diapers to a king!
Up to 10 slots! Combine different classes and skills for strategic play and cute action.

Devil Tales : Idle RPG

A fairy tale world turned cruel by the dark forces
Travel through the fairy tale world with 3D cartoon design!
Immerse yourself in the charm of a fairy tale world that has become cruel!

Devil Tales : Idle RPG

Endless farming! Endless growth!
Farm various equipment while defeating the dark monsters of the fairy tale world!
From normal to legendary! Get the best equipment and enjoy endless growth!

Devil Tales : Idle RPG

Various contents to support your growth!
You can’t be just satisfied with idle play!
Grow your heroes faster with a variety of free daily contents.
Explore different regions and conquer dungeons to earn different rich rewards.

Devil Tales : Idle RPG

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