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SWEET HOME:Fragments of Desire

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of SWEET HOME:Fragments of Desire (by 3F FACTORY)

Global cumulative views of 1.2 billion, the thriller webtoon [Sweet Home]
Escape from the ‘monstrified’ creatures of distorted human desires.
Sweet Home: Fragments of Desire

Idle Game
Sweet Home: Fragments of Desire is an idle game that focuses on growing
Cha Hyun-soo to conquer Green Home, filled with creatures that have turned into
monsters due to twisted human desires.

SWEET HOME:Fragments of Desire

Unique Evolution System ‘Fragments of Desire’
Acquire 32 grades of weapons through weapon summoning,
and open the Fragments of Desire through evolution!
A new and powerful system to fulfill human desires.

SWEET HOME:Fragments of Desire

Ferocious Protein’s Underground Dungeon
Test your desires in a 1 VS 1 battle with the gigantic and destructive muscle
monster, Protein.

SWEET HOME:Fragments of Desire

Endless Confrontation between Various Monsters and Humans
Meet powerful creatures appearing on higher floors,
embodiments of various desires.

SWEET HOME:Fragments of Desire

Monster Collection
Discover the stories of monsters that fill Green Home,
and find out why they roam Green Home as monsters.

SWEET HOME:Fragments of Desire

Various Systems
Grow the protagonist of Sweet Home, Cha Hyun-soo,
through collections, outfits, skills, and tablets,
and conquer Green Home.

Available: Google Play – CA, TH, KR, FR, DE, UK, etc… / App Store – KR, TH, CA, etc…

SWEET HOME:Fragments of Desire

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