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Survival Island Builder

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Survival Island Builder (by Jason Parafiniuk)

Welcome to the thrilling Shoal Island Builder Game! Get ready for an extraordinary adventure on ShoalIsland, where survival and exploration blend into an exciting journey into the unknown.

Your plane crashes on this enigmatic island due to unexpected catastrophe, making you the sole survivor. Stranded on this uncharted land with no modern conveniences, you face the ultimate question: What will you do? It’s time to rise and craft your sanctuary in the wilds of ShoalIsland.

Survival Island Builder

In this challenging environment, your mission starts with a desperate search for resources. Farm, harvest, and survive in the most primal sense. You have the power not only to endure but to thrive, and you can reshape the landscape of ShoalIsland.

Survival Island Builder

In this adventure, you will explore the tropical jungle, collecting items and crafting them into the useful object to help you survive on the remote island
Use your knowledge and skills to plant, gardening, and explore all the wilderness to survive and get back to civilization. All the family members will help you along the way, and together all will get out of the island.
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Survival Island Builder

Survival Island Builder’s FEATURES::

Uncover the island’s mysterious story, filled with untold secrets.
Customize your island into a tropical paradise with the awe-inspiring Kong Wall.
Explore the vast ocean, discover new islands, and collect precious treasures.
Hone your survival skills, search for lost relics, and uncover well-guarded secrets.
Embark on new adventures, construct townships, and establish the illustrious Skull Land on the beachside.
Build a big cozy villa and farm town, harvest land, extract resources and produce everything you need for exciting expedition quests, construction and trading with other inhabitants of the Island with our land games. Raise animals, harvest land, find coral island questaway, trade with neighbours and have fun with new adventures in this trade island game!
Welcome to Shoal Island, where every moment is filled with surprises, and every challenge leads to new opportunities. Download now and embark on a unique survival Shoal. The island eagerly awaits your presence, and the adventure begins here!

Survival Island Builder
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