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Puzzles & AITopia

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Puzzles & AITopia (by Mattel163 Limited)

Embark on a groundbreaking match-3 RPG adventure in AItopia, featuring a unique and effortlessly fast elimination experience, infusing surprises and new possibilities into every match, master unique skills and strategic depth, reshaping the destiny of this world!

Puzzles & AITopia

Experience epic battles in diverse levels, defeating monsters with extraordinary skills beyond imagination. Every aspect, from terrain to heroes and elements, can be part of your strategy. We guarantee that each level here will be unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Puzzles & AITopia

Puzzles & AItopia Features:
– Innovative match-3 gameplay with a unique “replication” mechanism, easy to grasp and full of strategy.
– Unique skill combinations, offering exhilarating chain reactions and full-screen clearing actions.
– Epic battles on the match-3 board, focusing on defeating monsters rather than just clearing obstacles.
– Diverse hero characters with unique skills, enabling strategic team customization.
– Comprehensive RPG system including hero collection, team building, nurturing, and base construction.
– Explore various unique skills in level design, such as burning, freezing, and shocking.

Available: Google Play – CA

Puzzles & AITopia

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