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Cinderella: New Story

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Cinderella: New Story

I can hear someone crying quietly in Cinderella’s Garden. The ball is just about to start, but Cinderella’s ballgown is torn and stained! Use lunar magic to complete all the mini-games, and help Cinderella make it to the ball!

Cinderella: New Story

I apologize for not introducing myself right away. My name is Fairy Godmother. I’m currently stuck in the Wonder Academy and unable to help Cinderella. Can I count on you for help?

Cinderella: New Story

Here’s what awaits you:

Hundreds of different mini-games that you have to beat to help Cinderella make it to the ball!
Adventures with familiar characters that take unexpected twists.
Cinderella’s huge house and an entire town full of surprises!
Storylines about Cinderella’s friends and enemies.

Cinderella: New Story

A watchmaker-familiar named Tick Tock who will accompany you on your journey.
Magic melodies performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.
Are your friends playing Cinderella: New Story?

Cinderella: New Story
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