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Silver and blood

Early access – CBT4 + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Silver and blood (by BingBing)

Enjoy the fast-paced strategy card game
Mix and match multiple heroes, rich in tactics; super-fast strategy, ever-changing – show off your strategic vision and adaptability.

Silver and blood

Play as the lord of a magnificent castle
Become the master of a huge castle that needs to be restored, gather allies, rebuild the castle. Be domineering or benevolent, become the lord you want to be.

Silver and blood

A new Gothic chapter with avant-garde audiovisuals
Join the handsome race known as “vampires” on a perilous journey, find yourself in a fantasy world engulfed by strife, and experience a fantastic legend that reveals the secrets of life and death.

Silver and blood

A romanticist dress-up with a group portrait epic
Fight for your beliefs with the heroes who are active on this vast stage of stories, show your sandbox strategy, and defy the ruthless fate; control the war under the moon, and become the ultimate winner.

Silver and blood
Silver and blood

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