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Hero Auto Chess: PVE

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Hero Auto Chess: PVE (by Movga Games)

About the Game
Hero Auto Chess: PVE is a brand-new model from the recently popular Auto Chess genre. Players can experience both the atmosphere of the old strategy game and that of the most popular multiplayer online game. In the game, there are battles for PVE and the arena for PVP. Players must use strategy and accumulate experience to deploy their chess pieces on the chessboard and defeat the opponents. To complete a battle, players need to assess and even predict the map, position, formation, and enemy units. The game is not that simple!

Hero Auto Chess: PVE

Innovative Gameplay: A very different experience compared to other Auto Chess games. Try our Hero Auto Chess right away.
Endless PVE: Various enemy figures and endless battles are prepared for you.
Peak Arena: For players who prefer to fight against other players.

Hero Auto Chess: PVE

Real Fair Play: You don’t have to invest a cent!
Strategy Rules the World: With the same heroes, who creates the strongest combination of heroes, cards, and equipment, and their chess pieces?
Heroic Graphics: Takes you to an ancient hero world.

Hero Auto Chess: PVE

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