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Megis Adventure

Official Launch

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Megis Adventure (by Megis Chest)

“Megis Adventure” is a role – playing, open world pixel game.
You find yourself on an isolated, faraway island and starts an adventure to overcome quests, dungeons, monsters and foes – all in hope to help the residents of “Megis Island”.

Megis Adventure
Megis Adventure
Megis Adventure

– Explore lively open-world, visit different buildings, NPC’s, islands, zones, and more!
– Get in action by exploring dungeons, overcoming traps, monsters and bosses!
– Go for adventures, more than one hundred quests to complete!
– Choose your favorite play style by building your talents tree, out of twenty-seven different talents options!
– Strengthen your character by unlocking passive bonuses and progress in level, professions and equipment!
– Gather resources – chop wood, mine stone, fish more than one hundred unique fish!
– Hundreds of items and consumables to buy and trade, as you progress in level, new items are unlocked!
– Follow an engaging story with rich lore!
– Immerse into hand-designed fantasy world with warm sensibility of pixel art!

Start your epic adventure!
Hop into the pixel RPG open world of “Megis Adventure” today!

Megis Adventure
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