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The Changers : Class Up RPG – Official iOS

Soft Launch + APK – Added a number of countries

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of The Changers : Class Up RPG (by mafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)

Break the mold of RPG. Here comes a real-time roguelike PvP RPG!

A world coexists with the luminous and dark,
The ‘changers’ strike a balance as a guardian of the world.
Be a ‘changer’ to protect the world from invaders.

Unique Battle system
– Combinations of Roguelike and Roguelite. You will experience different kinds of joy in every battle.
– The results of every moment will start with your choice within a single turn. Build your strategy in a limited time.
– Level up Attack, Defense, and Health points using SP points given by every turn. Your choices will affect the following class tree.
– Try your luck! Various types of relics will appear randomly.

The Changers : Class Up RPG

Blossom of Strategy, Class tree
– Attack is the secret of dense! Attack class tree
– Balance is important! NPC class tree
– Descent of Merlin, Magic class tree
– Souls will be getting stronger by reaching the high rank of the class! Collect various souls to build your class tree.

The Changers : Class Up RPG

Real-time PvP battle mode
– Become the strongest ‘changer’ in the world! The intense 1vs1 real-time battle with other changers from all over the world!
– No man is wise enough by himself! A 2vs2 strategic battle where cooperation with partners is essential.
– Challenge a top ranker by winning 1vs1 and 2vs2 battles.

The Changers : Class Up RPG

Various Co-op modes
– Try to reach high stages with your partner to get more gold! ‘Co-op Dungeon’
– Reawake your senses of farming! A fun of equipment farming that you’ve forgotten, ‘Raid.’
– A chance to get stronger! Gain materials to enhance your equipment ‘Material Dungeon.’
– Conquer those chaotic dungeons with your partner!

Story Mode
– Experience each soul’s mysterious story through the proceeding story chapters.

The Changers : Class Up RPG

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