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Backpack Heroes – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Backpack Heroes (by PlayHard.Lab)

Rogue-Like Deck-Building Game!
“Min,” the hero, travels to a new world in another dimension!
Let’s go on an adventure with ‘Min’!

Backpack Heroes

Fight against epic monsters you come across on your adventure.
Enjoy unlimited combinations of unique items essential for survival.
Items with various functions such as a dagger, tank, frying pan, etc. will appear.

Backpack Heroes

Combine unique heroes and accessories to come up with special strategies and powerful decks of your own.
Invade hideouts of users from all over the world and loot their money.
Have fun playing this casual CCG!

Backpack Heroes

Main Features:
Get random, unique items to support your expeditions
Collect and fight against various monsters in a fun, imaginative world
Protect your hideout and invade other players’ hideouts
Compete for the highest rank against players worldwide
Collect accessories with heroes and strengthen them
Play the thrilling ‘hard’ mode

Backpack Heroes
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