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Ambition of Kings – Global

Official Launch – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Ambition of Kings (by ZephyrusGames)

Cool Heroes & Eye-Popping Abilities
Unique art style creates impressive and diverse generals. From dashing, heroic male warriors to pretty, charismatic heroines, every character is captivating with their own ability system. Stunning actions and special effects in battles are bringing more electrifying combat experiences.

Epic Union Battles
Prepare for epic showdowns with hundreds of Unions. Enjoy thrilling battles and unexpected twists. Every Union member has a vital role to play. Aim for victory with your unique talents and tactics.

Ambition of Kings

Strategic Gameplay
Strategy is the name of the game here. PvE dungeons or PvP Union battles have embraced innovative strategic plannings that allow total freedom to strategize and compete like never before. Join forces with top players to prove your prowess and write new epic battle chapters.

Ambition of Kings
Ambition of Kings

Conquer the World with Friends
Don’t go it alone! Team up with friends to form Unions, devise strategies, and take on enemies together. Build a mighty Union, expand your territory, and aim to become the ultimate ruler.

Ambition of Kings
Ambition of Kings

Generous Free Rewards
Get ready for some serious loot! Just log in every day to claim your juicy rewards. We’ve got tons of in-game events with even more rewards up for grabs. Dive in and complete tasks to reap the bonuses.

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Ambition of Kings

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