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Stella Knights

Official Launch(HK) – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 星之騎士團 (by CookApps)

The appearance of Nephilim through the Door of Questions has led to the crisis of human extinction. The Integrated Advanced Research Projects Agency “Hubble” was organized to solve the crisis facing the earth. “Hubble” successfully interprets the new power of stars by observing stars.
The days of panic are over. Looking back on the pain experienced during this period, the opportunity to regain the land we lost has finally come.

Are you scared? Don’t worry!

If you stand at the forefront for the sake of mankind, Infinite Glory and Hubble will follow you. Can you, chosen by the stars, be the last hope to save mankind?


[A fantasy novel about girls who inherit the power of stars]
Experience the story of girls with superhuman abilities fighting supernatural creatures to protect the world. As an “observer”, please command the brave girls, lead the battle to victory, and become a necessary presence for the girls.


[Use a variety of professional characteristics to plan your own combat strategy]
In the game, you can choose girls from different professions, and each profession has different skills and playing styles. Engage in strategic combat using classes, lineups, and character traits. Use unique career features to organize a powerful party that dominates the battlefield! Prove your skills!


[Win easily with gorgeous skills and strong damage]
Each girl has her own unique action techniques! Gorgeous skills and intense damage like a movie! Please pay attention to the active performance of the girls on the battlefield.


[You will also receive various rewards when placed]
With the feature of earning rewards even when you are not playing the game, you can enjoy the game easily. Enjoy the rich items and wealth!


[Girls who gradually grow up in various adventures]
The human homeland swallowed by darkness… A new world is waiting for you in each chapter. Please defeat the powerful bosses encountered in the adventure and help the girls grow. You are invited to participate in an adventure where tension and anticipation coexist.

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Available: Google Play – HK

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