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Merge Three Kingdoms – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Merge Three Kingdoms Idle RPG (by 무지개토끼)

“Self-progressing heroes, thanks to automated combat and pro-idle system!
It’s Easy to control and eye-catching cartoony graphics! Compete with users across the world!
The fabled hero to unify the world and make history is you!”

Oath of the Peach Garden
Lead the heroes and soldiers from the Three Kingdoms and become the final victor!
Assemble a Squad with a Maximum of 6 Heroes and Lead Them into Battle!

Merge Three Kingdoms Idle RPG

Different Measures for Different Troubles
Strategically Plan Your Heroes’ of Three Kingdom to Achieve Victory!
Overcome Adversity Using the Heroes’ Attributes!

Merge Three Kingdoms Idle RPG

Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage
Recruit and Deploy Your Favourite Heroes and Nurture Them!

Merge Three Kingdoms Idle RPG

Kicking Up Dust for Retribution
Don’t Be Disappointed Because You Lost, or Because You’re Stuck!
Transcend Your Limits Through Rebirth Upon Return!

Merge Three Kingdoms Idle RPG

Endless Fun From Diverse Gamemodes!
Heroic Battle : A battlefield Where We Constantly Engage In Duels with Other Units, Determining the Ultimate Force!
Labs : Upgrade Your Squad to Create a Powerful Force!
World Boss : A Witch in Three Kingdoms?! Let’s Annoy the Witch to Earn Rewards!
Tower of Infinity : Conquer the Tower of Infinity and Earn Rewards!
Defense Team : Form a Defense Team to Protect Against Invading Enemies and Earn Rewards!
Return : If Morale Has Dropped After a Long Battle, Let’s Return, Regroup Our Forces, and Become Stronger!

머지 삼국지 : 방치형 RPG

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