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Rise of Glory: Battle Game

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rise of Glory: Battle Game (by Gagale Games)

Are you ready for epic battles? Rise of Glory: Battle Game awaits! Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination of the Kingdom in Rise of Glory: Battle Game! Experience the rush of battle glory in this fantasy Medieval-themed MMO Strategy game.

Immerse yourself in a fantasy world of ancient civilizations, magic kingdoms, and epic empires. Play FOR FREE in this addicting, interactive Action Strategy MMO GAME!

Join legendary heroes, command kingdoms, and dominate in this medieval strategy war game. Come up with your own war tactics, explore an open world filled with treasures and challenges, and level up your epic heroes. Embark on online battles, form clans, and enlist the support of allies worldwide. Rise to power and conquer in Rise of Glory: Battle Game!

Rise of Glory: Battle Game

Forge a kingdom that rivals the divine, gathering resources to construct over 20 unique buildings and train soldiers across 4 tiers. Equip them with powerful cards infused with magical gems, and strategize your way to victory on the battlefield. Dive deep into strategic planning in this immersive MMO world.

Rise of Glory: Battle Game

Collect and Recruit a legendary hero to lead your armies and embody your empire’s spirit. Protect them at all costs, as they are pivotal to your military might and the source of hope amidst battle chaos. Immerse yourself in the role-playing aspect of the game as you guide your hero through epic quests and battles. Experience the exciting blend of strategic depth and immersive strategy RPG elements in this war game. Are you ready to make your mark on history?

Rise of Glory: Battle Game

Seize the chance to reshape the history by expanding Sparta’s dominion beyond the horizon. Engage in intense PvP matches, laying siege to enemy empires, plundering their riches, and face legendary beasts like Dragons, Chimera and Minotaurs. Collect rare items to forge powerful weapons and armor, solidifying your reign of glory. Employ cunning strategic tactics to conquer new territories and establish dominance in this immersive MMO strategy game.

Rise of Glory: Battle Game

Join forces with players worldwide in real-time. Forge alliances, friendships, and rivalries, strategizing and socializing. Together with your alliance, conquer enemies and construct impregnable fortresses. Expand territory for unique advantages.


– Global Online Play: An MMO 4X real-time strategy game with PvE and PvP modes. Engage with millions of Players worldwide in real-time, Available in over 30 different languages.

– Epic Battles: Train vast armies and lead them into action-packed battles on the stunning World Map, witnessing the fighting unfold in real-time.

– Alliance Dominance: Form alliances, make friends, and co-op with Alliance members to become the all-powerful King! Build diplomatic alliances to conquer enemies and establish dominance as the most POWERFUL alliance in the kingdom!

– Conquer the Super Wonder: Seize the Wonder and ascend to the throne as the King! Bestow special Titles upon your Friends & Enemies in the Kingdom.

– Legendary Heroes: Recruit and level-up legendary heroes, crafting legendary weapons, Master diverse skills for endless strategic possibilities!

– Empire Customization: Build & Customize your Empire, upgrading buildings, walls & weapons to strengthen your Kingdom.

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Rise of Glory: Battle Game
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