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Horcrux College

Official Launch – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Horcrux College (by AojiaoStudio)

Cyberpunk Beauties Mobile Game: A sweet and lovely story in the city of future! Idle and level up at any time, and summon hundreds of soul girls! Featuring renowned Japanese voice actors and art by famous illustrators, dive into a fantastic technological feast!

In the year 2048, artificial intelligence has reached a highly prosperous development stage, and society relies heavily on AI. However, overnight, the XMAS virus appears, causing a significant impact on the world. The virus disrupts AI commands, triggering attacks and turning AI against their creators.

As AI runs rampant, humanity realizes that they must confront the chaos head-on. Various factions unite to break through the siege. Amid the chaos of war, a new team composed of students from the “Horcrux College” gradually emerges. Not only do they possess striking appearances, but their exceptional combat abilities and remarkable reconnaissance skills also intimidate various factions.

Will, resistance, fate… The battle, centered around the “Horcrux College,” is beginning! And your decisions will change the fate of everyone.

[Idle Gameplay, Simple Tap to Command AI]
Auto Idle combat, trigger dazzling skills with a simple tap, change the tide of battle instantly. Whether in class or on the subway, issue commands effortlessly and control cute soul girls without restrictions.

Horcrux College

[Strategic Development, Create Your Exclusive Soul Girls]
A variety of girls gather, sweet lolis, elegant ladies, they respond to your summons instantly. Empower the soul weapons, match elements, and create the strongest soul girls in history. Switch positions, strategize, and win battles with a snap of your fingers.

Horcrux College

[Affection Bonds, Experience Intimate Contact with Live2D Technology]
Send gifts, increase affection, awaken the passionate souls beneath their icy exteriors, and experience post-apocalyptic love stories. Change outfits in seconds. With Live2D technology, initiate intimate interactions with a tap.

Horcrux College

[Unravel Mysteries, Explore the Cyberpunk Urban Adventure]
Role-playing, commanding battles, deeply experience a parallel AI war. Besides the main storyline, unlock fun side quests, venture into the city night with soul girls, and uncover the intricate secrets behind the war.

Horcrux College

[Renowned Voice Actors, Enjoy Exceptional Audiovisual Entertainment]
A star-studded cast of Japanese voice actors lend their voices to the characters, and renowned artists create various soul girls with different personalities, all waiting for your orders. As the monitor, it’s up to you to save the otherworldly city!

Horcrux College

Please note: The game contains “sexual” elements – game characters wearing clothing that highlights sexual characteristics but without sexual implications. It also includes “violence” – combat, attacks, or mildly terrifying scenes that do not reach a gory level, and “tobacco and alcohol” – scenes or scenarios that may encourage tobacco or alcohol use. It is recommended for players aged fifteen and older.


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Horcrux College


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