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Mighty Calico

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mighty Calico (by CrazyLabs LTD)

Mighty Calico is a free action-packed RPG adventure game that transports you through a portal to an exciting realm filled with evil enemies who want to defeat you in battle!

Mighty Calico

Collect boosters and rewards to upgrade your heroes to victory, cross through portals to unlock epic dungeons, and complete quests to save the realm! Do you have the strategy and survival skills to win battle after battle? Once you die, you have to start the game all over again… so don’t get defeated in a clash!

Mighty Calico

Bang through the portal with our game’s hero, The Claw, on his treasure hunt adventure for gems to complete the Amulet of the Nine Lives to achieve immortality – and make sure its power doesn’t end up in the hands of evil enemies!

Mighty Calico

Can you defeat the hordes of menacing enemies and obstacles, save the realms, and craft your own epic story? Each hero gives you access to unique skills for survival in battle. In this treasure hunt, the more rewards you loot, the more power boosters you have. Get ready to step into the portal for the adventure game of a lifetime!

Mighty Calico

Key Features:
– Use unique skills and survival strategy to battle your way through different realms
– Cross the portal to explore exciting realms in this new clash-filled game universe!
– Upgrade your heroes with powerful weapons to win rewards and increase your stats
– Lead brave heroes, clash against menacing villains, enjoy diverse realms and stunning graphics.
– Create powerful combinations of skills to bang away at the villains!

Mighty Calico

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