Idle Merge Legends (World Defense)

Early access (New Test) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of World Defense (by JYSGames)

You were born into a broken world. Relying on the last holy fire of the temple, this world seems to have faint signs of life…
Although a large area is under the mist, the small villages around the holy fire are vibrant. Until the arrival of the Pit Lord, the warm village is destroyed…
As a survivor, you need to rebuild the world, rescue the injured residents, and defend against monsters!
…It’s not enough for you to survive, you need to recruit powerful heroes to form a legendary team and lead them to victory against treacherous bosses!

– Unlock Foggy World: Each different arena on ​​the map corresponds to a random event.
– Revitalize the City: Build advanced defense mechanisms and production buildings to make your city run in order.

World Defense

– Tower Defense: Dark army is attacking your city! Build more towers and defend against the attacks of monsters and bosses.
– Roguelike Dungeons: Explore the endless undergrounds, clear the monsters and find huge treasures.

– Cultivate Heroes: Gear up your heroes, learn awesome skills and evolve them into stronger modes.
– Strategic Combat: Team up your heroes with different formations in order to get unexpected effects. You can also adjust strategies in real-time battles.

World Defense

– AFK GAINS: AFK to get most of the necessary materials for upgrades.
– KINDS OF CHESTS: Treasure chests are hidden in dungeons, labyrinths, and tower defense gameplay. Also, you can get them when exploring the city.
– EPIC GEARS: Win boss battles to get random gear drops. A lot of epic and legendary gears await!

Available: Google Play – US

World Defense

Created by ©PalmassGames

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