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Heroes Attack:Three Kingdoms


💡Platform – Android

The description of Heroes Attack:Three Kingdoms (by UnlockGame)

Welcome to the whole new Three Kingdom Game of 2021!
Try a game that can be played easily with one hand!
A light Three Kingdom game that sweeps Japan!
An AFK Sangokushi RPG, use half of the time to gain the same experience!

Game Features

Easy Game|Idle AFK
Still playing games with both of your hand? You can control the world with just one hand!
Unique vertical versions, unite the world in one hand!
Idle AFK mode to help you save your energy, and battles can be skiped with one clicking.
An easy game which can gain resources when offline. You never need to exhaust yourself to cathup with others!

Heroes Attack:Three Kingdoms

Unparalleled Warriors|No One is Weak
Break the limit of rarity in traditional card game. Say goodbye to the pressure of stats. All heros can be trained to the same strength.
All warriors can show their own ability in a three kingdom world with no weak ones. All your favourite warriors could dominate the battlefield.

Heroes Attack:Three Kingdoms

Ample Rewards|Ingots Await
Get various rewards everyday and receive ingots as gifts.
Login to claim the powerful SSR Lu Bu!
He’ll help you to dominat the three kingdoms!
Receive ample rewards when offline. Reap without sowing. Come to Play!~

Heroes Attack:Three Kingdoms

Become Divine Warriors|Enjoy Card Game + RPG
Our unique divine warrior function allows you to enjoy role play in a card game. Cards can move on battlefield freely. You can enjoy collecting and training and try unlimited posibilities of line-up!
Build your ultimate team according to the unique features and abilities of each warrior, and conquer the world!

Heroes Attack:Three Kingdoms

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