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Atelier Resleriana

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of レスレリアーナのアトリエ ~忘れられた錬金術と極夜の解放者~ (by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.)

View of the world
Once The kingdom of Lanthana, which looks up at the comet, has a technology that uses the blessings that come from the comet.
Its name is “Alchemy”. And the user of the art was called an alchemist.

レスレリアーナのアトリエ ~忘れられた錬金術と極夜の解放者~

Thanks to the power of alchemy, the kingdom has achieved remarkable development.
However, with the disappearance of comets and the lack of blessings, alchemy gradually declined,
Eventually, it was forgotten from people’s memories.

レスレリアーナのアトリエ ~忘れられた錬金術と極夜の解放者~

Game system
A new adventure with a new hero begins
This is the first time in 4 years since “Atelier Ryza” that the new protagonist unfolds an epic adventure.
“Let’s burn the “journey to regain alchemy” with charming characters!”

レスレリアーナのアトリエ ~忘れられた錬金術と極夜の解放者~

High-quality 3D animated characters
Using the latest technology cultivated in the “Atelier” series, the 3D graphic expression is equivalent to the latest home game.
“Enjoy a cinematic story woven by high-quality characters!”

レスレリアーナのアトリエ ~忘れられた錬金術と極夜の解放者~

A simple yet attractive game system that you will never get tired of
Optimized for smartphone operations such as battles and strengthening, including “combination”, which is a feature of the “Atelier” series.
Let’s explore the world of Lantana with a game system that you will never get tired of, with attractive productions!

Official website

Available: Google Play – Japan

レスレリアーナのアトリエ ~忘れられた錬金術と極夜の解放者~
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