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Cyber Robot Defense – Idle Tycoon

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The description of Cyber Robot Defense – Idle Tycoon

CYBER ROBOT DEFENCE is an Idle Tycoon Game where your job is to destroy endless waves of EVIL ROBOTS.

You are a POLICE COMMANDER in charge of city defense.
You need to PRODUCE different kinds of AMMUNITIONS in factories.

MANAGE workers who will CARRY AMMUNITION to the defense line.
TRAIN and UPGRADE SOLDIERS in order to increase their DMG/s.
Rise your TURRET level and ANNIHILATE all ENEMIES in no time.

Cyber Robot Defense - Idle Tycoon
Cyber Robot Defense - Idle Tycoon

The EFFECTIVENESS of your defense line is IN YOUR HANDS remember to perform SMART upgrades so the BALANCE is stable and your soldier have always plenty of ammunition to use.

Cyber Robot Defense - Idle Tycoon
Cyber Robot Defense - Idle Tycoon

Collect REWARDS after each wave and spend them ASAP.
Collect WEAPON CARDS and give them to your soldiers in order to significantly increase damage.
Collect BOOSTS CARDS, and spend them smartly.
In Shop you can release INSTANT BOSSES which carry lots of useful resources.

When you crash the last wave in current district you will move to the new district but all your boosts and weapons will stay at your squad.
Watch ads and temporary increase DMG, INCOME, and AMMUNITION PRODUCTION.

We strongly believe that all users should have equal rights to use premium features in F2P games no matter if they are spending real money or not. This is why our game uses special tokens which can be gain in various ways but especially by watching ads. One Ad equals one token. This approach is the fairest approach we could think of. You can access whole premium stuff available in the game either by paying with real money or your time. The choice is yours. From our side, we are extremely grateful for any kind of support only thanks to you we can continue to make games. THANK YOU!

Cyber Robot Defense - Idle Tycoon
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