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Magical Ink

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Magical Ink (by mobirix)

– Create your own World Map, a place where your imagination becomes reality!
You will find various themed furniture and cute decorations here!
Freely arrange the tiles to expand and decorate your World Map as you wish!
Experience a vibrant fantasy world with furniture that moves like magic!


– Unravel a magical tale in the sleeping lands of the Parcai continent!
Embark on a quest to find the goddess’s treasures scattered across the continent, and awaken the sleeping goddess!
Venture into places where stories are intertwined with treasures and amass knowledge to become an archmage!!


– Embark on an adventure-filled exploration of Dungeons!
How exciting! Explore the diverse Dungeons and the Stages with new stories waiting to be discovered!
Be careful! The monsters you encounter in the Dungeons may look cute, but they can cause trouble if you let your guard down!
By avoiding monsters while solving puzzles and gimmicks, you will find various items and excavate hidden Relics!


– Try upgrading the Temple!
As you enjoy various content, you’ll find yourself with full of Knowledge Points!
You can upgrade the Temple by collecting Knowledge Points and finding hidden treasures!
Upgrading the Temple allows you to obtain more rewards and produce more products!


– Fulfill the wishes of the fairies!
The little wishes of the fairies are eagerly waiting for you!
Fulfill the wishes in the Wish Board, and the fairies will reward you!


– Customize your character in your unique style!
Buy the costumes of your choice from the Outfit Shop filled with cute, beautiful, and fabulous costumes!
Create your own character according to your personal taste from head to toe!

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