Generals of Legends

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The description of Generals of Legends (by 永建 陈)

Uncover the origins of real history and classic battles, explore the beginnings of all stories, employ tactics and strategy,and lead your army to victory over the enemy!

“Generals of Legends” is not just a game; it’s a journey through real history!

Blending captivating turn-based tactics. It’s the perfect fusion of tactical warfare and strategic depth, requiring time and careful consideration. For those seeking a simple, fast-paced thrill, this is not an easy task; it’s a magnificent journey filled with historical backdrop and strategic wisdom. With a brand-new turn-based combat mode, operating on mobile devices is smoother than ever!

Generals of Legends

It’s’ll experience epic battles like the Battle of Cannae, the Battle of Alesia, the Battle of Guandu, and the Battle of Nagashino. These battles’ tactical formations are carefully recreated. You’ll encounter legendary figures from history, from Rome’s Julius Caesar and Pompey, to Carthage’s Hannibal, Japan’s Oda Nobunaga, and China’s Cao Cao, all fighting alongside you in the game. Engage in narrative-driven battles, deploy various units including cavalry, archers, and infantry. Hire your favorite generals, lead your army into battle, nurture their growth, and unlock their hidden potential. Build epic exclusive sets by conquering high-difficulty dungeons, accumulating wealth and resources, and shaping your own narrative!

Generals of Legends

So,offers an immersive experience, focusing on the core of real strategy games without fancy effects. Its unique 2D art style symbolizes the golden age of turn-based strategy games. If you’re drawn to historical background, tactical formations, and complex military strategies, then this game is your best choice—a free-form, classic strategy game promising to bring you the purest joy!

Generals of Legends

Key features include:

-Gripping comic-style storytelling: Click to play, accompanied by comic illustrations and captivating narrations, vividly presenting historical stories. Long press to speed up narration for maximum immersion.

Generals of Legends

-Choose your path to glory: Select your difficulty level at the beginning of battles to ensure balance of unit types. For newbies to turn-based strategy games, we recommend starting with the simple mode!

-Deploy your elite generals: Strategically position your army, exploit terrain bonuses and enemy weaknesses to achieve victory. Lead your warriors to victory with historical accuracy and strategic wisdom!

Generals of Legends

-Regularly reward rich and diverse loot and game modes: Customize challenges according to your needs, deal with different difficulty levels, and strengthen your combat power with loot!

-Train and enhance your generals: Obtain civilized loot, crystals, gems, and books through various combat methods, enhance your equipment and character levels. As you level up, unlock new abilities and attributes.

Generals of Legends

-Synthesize legendary equipment: Merge orange and purple equipment to create top-tier weapons and armor with unique epic attributes!

Catalog list: View detailed attributes of various equipment sets to maximize your combat efficiency and uncover their potential!

In-game store: Use precious rubies to quickly enhance your abilities and equipment levels, implement your strategy!

General, your journey is about to begin! Write your own history, and remember, you’ll never fight alone—”Generals of Legends” is with you every step of the way!

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Generals of Legends

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