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Dragon Fighter

Early access – CBT3 + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dragon Fighter (by ComboGame)

Dragon Fighter is a high-quality 3D war and strategy game focusing on vast world exploration, powered by Unity, and the game world is created by top-notch rendering technology. Build your kingdom, try to survive, and forge alliances to defeat your enemies , gameplay includes free marching, field legion combat, conquering and sieging the enemy’s capital, tactical terrain, etc. In Dragon Fighter, many natural landscapes are added in, such as real tactical terrain, cliffs, mountains, rivers, and other elements, along with the 3D combat of ground and air units, which will bring you a brand-new game experience.

Dragon Fighter

Take Advantage of the Terrain
The truly 3D terrain, such as mountains and rivers, offers many strategic battle choices. Try to take advantage of the terrain and create an impressive strategy, grab a chance to defeat a powerful foe with little loss.

Dragon Fighter

Make Every Battle Unit Count
Every battle unit, no matter how insignificant it appears, can be an important factor in the fight system. So choose your unit carefully and build up a real powerful team.

Dragon Fighter

Fight Kinds of Monsters
The island is infested with monsters, such as ancient beasts and giant dragons. Stand with your allies and defeat the monsters, you can take charge of the island.

Dragon Fighter

Powerful Heroes to Recruit
Recruit mighty heroes with powerful skiils on your journey, assign them to lead your forces and unleash devastating attacks at critical moments to win a battle.

Available: Google Play – US, CA, ID, PH, etc…

Dragon Fighter

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