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PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence (by dwc)

Build your own team of beautiful girls to defeat powerful monsters.

Pink Frogs, an agency specializing in fighting monsters!!!

Charming characters
Build your own powerful deck with an attractive crew.
Each character has a unique story with a variety of professions.
Awesome skills and colorful effects are a given…

PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence

Idle defense
For the sake of human peace, stop the monster waves.
Idle defense that grows stronger just by leaving it on.
Clear higher stages, earn more rewards.

PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence

Unique combat/development system utilizing dice
Powerful skill attacks triggered by combinations of dice eyes and score points.
Use the points you earn to develop your character.

Diverse content
– Shooting Range : Destroy all the fast approaching targets.
– Mother Cube: Unleash more powerful attacks to earn more resources.
– Boss battles: Defeat powerful bosses for huge rewards.

PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence

Daily events
Events with various benefits and rewards are always available!!!
Log in now to claim them.

Available: Google Play – AU

PINK FROGS : Idle(AFK) Defence
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