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EOS : Idle Warrior

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of EOS : Idle Warrior (by BluePotion Games)

Full 3D-based High-Quality Graphics
Experience the distinguished graphics from the existing idle games, with MMORPG-level high-quality artworks based on the EOS Original IP.

Dungeon Crawling focused on the Essence of the Game
With the dungeon crawling system based on farming, crafting, and growing,
experience the idle RPG of a new trend focused on the essence of the game.

EOS : Idle Warrior

Unlimited Growth with Various Gears & Elements
Challenge the infinite & exclusive build-up of EOS : Idle Warrior with various gears of ten types & seven grades and growth contents based on crafting & enhancement.

EOS : Idle Warrior

Full of Gears Away from Keyboard
Get the gears & level up conveniently away from the keyboard experiencing the fun of field farming & non-stop growth.

EOS : Idle Warrior

Stress-free Offline Reward
With the offline reward of various growth resources, enjoy it freely even in a busy daily life.

EOS : Idle Warrior

Various Dungeon Contents
Through the dungeons of various concepts like ironmine, skill, gold, and crystal, collect the resources and grow without hurdles to higher levels.

EOS : Idle Warrior

Infinite Competition through Ranking System
Show off your power to users all around the world through the ranking system provided for PVP, Training Center, and Pet/Offense/Defense Challenges.

Discord (Invitation Link) :

Available: Google Play – SG

EOS : Idle Warrior

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