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Amaterasu of the Blade God

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of RPG 刃神のアマテラス (by KEMCO)

This is the story of when the gods were next to people
Nowadays, in a corner of Asuka’s land, there was a group of people called “Amaterasu” who illuminate the heavens with the blade of God against evil monsters and even rebels.

A young man straddles the threshold of the Amaterasu people.
The man “Mikazuchi” with a sword and wisdom signed a contract with “Hinoko”, the swordsman of the Amaterasu people, to save his adoptive father from the hands of the demon god Ichigan.
Is it Taihei, Yomi, or the world of grace that reaches beyond the struggle?

RPG 刃神のアマテラス

Realistic battle that makes full use of the command
The battle is a command battle that can act in order of speed.
By making full use of the “command” that can only be activated by the warrior Mikazuchi, it is possible to completely change the battle situation with a powerful formation effect.

Tsukumono Blacksmith
With the benefit of the blacksmith god Hinoko, you can consume materials to make armor.
If you find a rare material, let’s manufacture it immediately!
Manufacture is possible anytime, anywhere from the menu.

Release the sacred treasure
The sacred weapons set for each weapon are extremely powerful.
When the activation gauge is accumulated, let’s utilize it.

Learn magic from Tsukumogami
Tsukumogami, who is hiding in various places, teaches magic.
There are some gods who give exchange conditions, but it may be a powerful magic.

Develop the village by fulfilling orders
If you do a lot of orders that you can order at Tatara-ri, you will not only get rewards, but also
The number of weapons that can be manufactured may increase, and Tatara Village may develop.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – JP


RPG 刃神のアマテラス


RPG 刃神のアマテラス
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