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Girls’ Lane

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Girls’ Lane (by TechTrekker)

Awaits your command, my lord!
My lord, there is a pirate base ahead. We are all ready to fight, please give the order!
Explore the vast ocean, meet and collect 60+ captivating girls with stand-out characters!

Girls' Lane

Girl to Goddess, Power Unlock!
Each girls have unique Goddess skills, unlock their secret heart-touching form and activate their full power potential.
The fierce battle of the girls will show with beautiful images and refreshing action!

Girls' Lane

Assemble Your Fleet, Win by strategy
Perfect your tactics and wisdom each turn. With dozens of character and skill combinations, unleash devastating special skills and turn the tide of battles.
Train only 6 ships, and all other girls share the same levels. 100% resources back when using the reset function, so no worries about wasting materials. Feel free to try different ships combinations in battle!
The game supports simultaneous battles, multiple challenges to fight at the same time. Get generous rewards simultaneously and No more waiting!

Girls' Lane

Build the Sweet Home
Take a break! Go Fishing and see what treasure you will get!
Unlock different buildings , decorate the beach with Juice Stand, Ice Cream Truck, Volleyball Court, Doll Catcher, Massage Chair and so on! Build a sweet home for the girls and let’s enjoy a cool summer together!
Also, all building can add attribute bonus to girls, which makes you more powerful in the field!

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Girls' Lane

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