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Royal Affairs

Official Launch – US, CA

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Royal Affairs (by Playmakers Interactive)

“Royal Affairs” is not just a game, but a royally crafted adventure powered by advanced AI technology. Here, the use of AI not only brings characters and stories to life but also makes every courtly romance and strategic intrigue vividly realistic. Players will experience high interactivity and personalized choices brought by AI technology, where every decision impacts your path of power and love. From in-depth dialogue interactions to the details of raising children, AI makes it all incredibly real, offering a challenging and fun royal life experience. Get ready to explore a medieval kingdom empowered by AI and start your courtly romantic adventure.


Deep Interaction with AI
Build deep relationships with AI lovers using sophisticated AI technology! Witness the birth of your children and nurture the future heirs of your kingdom.


Customizable Character Creation
With the capabilities of AI, simply upload a photo to create the ideal character that meets all your expectations and dreams. Rule your kingdom with unmatched style and elegance!


Taste Courtly Romance
Choose your destined lover from handsome men and beautiful women. Immerse yourself in a romance that reflects the reality and complexity of courtly love.


Rule Your Kingdom
As a king or queen, manage your territories with wisdom and authority. Make important decisions, shape history, and leave a lasting mark on your kingdom.

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