Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of NOISZ STARLIVHT (by Anarch Entertainment)

Become the new #1 hit idol group, battle interdimensional music monsters, rebel against your corporate overlords, wield a mighty soul-devouring experimental weapon, and be unstoppably, unapologetically gay in this standalone sequel to the 2018 rhythm bullet hell VN, NOISZ.

Rhythm bullet hell gameplay unlike anything you’ve played: freely move in 2D to dodge bullets while hitting notes
An expanding songlist with 20 stages at launch, packed with famed rhythm game artists
4 difficulty levels to accomodate beginners and veterans alike, as well as both phone and tablet players
A massive story in visual novel format with Live2D animated characters, featuring a diverse LGBTQ cast, written by an LGBTQ team
Deep character customization options unprecedented in rhythm games
All story content playable for free, with upfront pricing for additional features and content–no gacha or hidden costs


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