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Zombie must die

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Zombie must die: Tower Defense (by Megoo Games)

Welcome to the fantasy town, which is currently under siege by zombies…
“Cute heroes! Let’s gather!”
With adorable yet fierce Overlord Flower, dashing and handsome Furious Shooter, and the popular sexy beauty Egypt Queen… The cute heroes are stepping forward to defend our hometown town!
Don’t be fooled by their appearances! These heroes all possess the strongest hearts and purest courage to face the incoming zombie legion!
Are you ready to join and defend the town together against the zombie legion?

Easily Collect Cute Heroes
Through various in-game activities and missions, players can easily collect the strongest SSR cards such as Big Shooter, Laser Shooter, and even Apple, and customize their own unique teams according to their preferences to easily face various zombie challenges.

Zombie must die: Tower Defense

Easily Enjoy Endless Fun
The game offers a variety of different gameplay modes, including cooperation, level clearing, and battles. No matter which gameplay you prefer, you can easily and joyfully enjoy the fun of the game.

Zombie must die: Tower Defense

Easily Get Rich, Win Lying Down
The game provides a rich variety of reward mechanisms, including various in-game items, equipment, and resources. Players only need to participate in the game casually to receive generous rewards and enjoy the joy of victory.

Zombie must die: Tower Defense

Easily PK, CO-OP With Friends
A quick and exciting three-minute PK against opponents, soloing the little talents to compete for the town hero! You can also invite friends to cooperate, easily defeat these powerful enemies through skill matching, and experience the joy of cooperation.


Zombie must die: Tower Defense

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