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Paper Heros

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Paper Heros (by WONA GAMES)

Game Background:
Twenty years ago, in the land of Adom, an ancient demon named Yuxa wreaked havoc, plunging the realm into chaos. At a crucial moment, one of the five heroes, Park, rose up wielding the legendary sword “Ice Descendant” to seal away Yuxa, suffering severe injuries in the process. However, Yuxa exploited the king’s ambition to break the seal and invade the land of Adom once again, prompting a new generation of young heroes to prepare for battle.

Paper Heros

Pair heroes with companions and challenge levels to obtain hero fragments, allies, and resources. Activate more heroes and companions.
Earn rewards through the wheel interface to unlock and enhance heroes and companions’ combat abilities.
Upgrade and advance heroes, level up companions, and cultivate a strong team to conquer higher difficulty levels.

Paper Heros

Game Features:
Spin System: Earn heroes, companions, and other items through spins.
Hero System: Unlock different heroes with unique skills and combat styles for various levels.
Skill System: Each hero has active and passive abilities that unlock or improve as they advance.
Companion System: Unlock and upgrade companions for stronger support in battle.
Level-Up System: Upgrading heroes and companions not only boosts combat stats but also unlocks skills and increases squad size.
Level System: Progress through the story to challenge different levels and gain items to enhance combat strength.
Free Nobility System: High-ranking nobles receive free resources for heroes and companions.

Paper Heros

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