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Light of the Stars

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Light of the Stars (by MOBIGAMES INC.)

Our World’ came to life with the Star Force, but the endless wars dragged it down into the darkness and chaos.
God decided to reset and recreate the world, as he couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

Meanwhile, a great war on the land ended. After the war, the Elf Queen sought to acquire God’s Force.
In the process, she unsealed the ‘Early Water.’ It turned into a disaster. The world was flooded with chaos in no time.

Fortunately, there were successors of the constellations on the land who had inherited the special power of the Stars.
The child of the Solar King becomes the commander of the successors and starts the journey to end the calamity once and for all.

Amid the chaos called ‘Recreation,’ the fierce war for survival begins!

Save the World from the Calamity
– The heir of the Solar Empire is falsely accused of being a traitor and has a bounty on the head because of Horus.
– Could the heir retrieve the empire and save the world with the successors of the Stars?

Light of the Stars

Meet the Heroes Empowered by the Stars They Represent
– The heroes of the constellations are waiting for you!
– As your relationships deepen, the heroes will open their hearts to tell you about their stories and show you an unexpected side of them.

Light of the Stars

Experience Battles in Vivid 3D Graphics!
– The heroes in the illustrations move in 3D on the battlefields!
– Be their commander and plan the battle with your own strategy to achieve victory.

Light of the Stars

Consider Positions and Environment to Develop Strategies
– There are 8 different hero positions for you to consider when you form your unit.
– Use the various objects and avoid the obstacles on battlefields to destroy the enemy’s command tower!

Light of the Stars

Participate in PVP Arena Battles
– Fight with other commanders with the heroes you upgraded!
– You can receive seasonal ranking rewards in Arena if you participate in battles.

Light of the Stars

Join Forces With Guild Members!
– Challenge the difficult stages with your guild member’s assistant heroes!
– Join a guild or start one yourself to work with other commanders to defeat Guild Bosses and prepare for Guild Battles.

Check Your Daily Luck
– Check your daily luck by signing in every day!
– You can acquire different special rewards depending on your daily luck.

Available: Google Play – US, CA, KR, etc…

Light of the Stars

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