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Legends of Avalon

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Legends of Avalon (by Space Island Games)

Challenge the unknown in thrilling Dungeon Explorations, encounter formidable creatures, discover hidden treasures, and unravel the secrets of the ancients.

Dungeon Exploration
In our dark fantasy game, dungeon exploration reigns supreme. Venture through shadow-filled catacombs, face gruesome beasts, unlock ancient mysteries, and claim hidden treasures.

Legends of Avalon

Lieutenant Development
You’re not alone in your journey. Attract, develop, and command a variety of lieutenants, each offering unique skills. Invest time in their growth, and they’ll become formidable allies in the gloom.

Legends of Avalon

Multiple Profession Choices
Your adventure, your rules. Choose your profession: a fearless warrior, a crafty rogue, a mystical mage, the possibilities are boundless, and every decision reflects your style of play.

Legends of Avalon

Attribute Restraint
The cunning mind triumphs. Success hinges on exploiting enemy weaknesses and optimizing your strengths. Strategy is as important as swordplay in our game.

Legends of Avalon

Classic Hack and Slash
Our game salutes classic hack and slash gameplay. Come to grips with fast-paced, white-knuckle combat, slicing through enemy lines.

Legends of Avalon

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