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Survival ‪Z‬

Official Launch – Apple Arcade

💡Platform – Ios

The description of Survival ‪Z‬ (Ember Entertainment)

After the event, humanity lies on the brink while zombies dominate the landscape! You are a survivor. Armed with your wits and bravado, you are determined to save all who remain.

Your goal is clear: find survivors and seek out a way to exterminate the undead menace. Choose your way along randomly generated routes to build and battle your way through environments crawling with zombies.

Survival ‪Z‬
Survival ‪Z‬
Survival ‪Z‬


• Blast your way through a wide range of zombie types.

• Place traps and obstacles to increase your chances of survival.

• Collect and upgrade equipment to power up your character.

• Ever-changing routes create endless replayability. No two runs are the same!

• Bring other survivors into the fold and fight alongside them.

• Unique story events that with extra rewards…for those who can survive them.

• Over 15 playable characters, 50 unique levels, and infinite possibilities for fun!

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