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Power Rangers: All Stars

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 파워레인저 올스타즈 (by MOVE INTERACTIVE)

All Power Rangers heroes gathered in one place! Power Rangers All Stars!
A hero collecting RPG revived with cute 3D modeling and spectacular action!

Introduction to the worldview
The villain ‘Rita Repulsa’, who was previously sealed by the Dino Ranger, is resurrected.
In order to achieve her unfinished conquest of Earth, she activates a quantum portal that creates a rift in space and time.
After merging Earths from different time zones into one, they invade the city,
‘Rita Repulsa’ and her subordinates collect tens of thousands of times the Dark Force of despair energy.
When monsters appear in the city through the space-time portal ‘Dimension Wall’ and attack citizens, the Earth falls into complete chaos.
Finally, the squadron command decides to summon all the Rangers from the parallel universe to defeat the enemies united as one…
The Power Rangers All-Stars have united as the strongest team to stop the completion of Dark Force!
Will you be able to defeat the villains and restore peace on Earth?
From now on, command the strongest Power Rangers team and lead Earth to victory!

파워레인저 올스타즈

Various characters appear
Take to the battlefield with Rangers and Megazord from all 46 Power Rangers series!
Collect various rangers through supply and form the best ranger dream team!
Build your own team of rangers, increase their levels and grades, and increase your combat power!
Check out the Rangers and Megazords on display in the showroom!

파워레인저 올스타즈
파워레인저 올스타즈

Strategic battle with ranger skills and megazord
Use the Rangers’ spectacular actions and striking skills to lead the battle to victory!
In a moment of crisis? Summon a robot! Summon the Megazord to turn the tide of battle!

파워레인저 올스타즈
파워레인저 올스타즈

Various content based on the original work
Go to the city in crisis to stop the main villains that appear in the original work!
Take on your Power Rangers in various stages, including 90 main missions and 9 dimensional missions!

Available: Google Play / App Store – South Korea

파워레인저 올스타즈

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