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Boom Puzzles

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Boom Puzzles (by Tap Lab)

In a world overrun by ravenous zombies, you take on the mantle of leading survivors to forge a haven upon the unforgiving seas, hammer out a survival plan, and fend off the zombie waves together!

Game Features
Match-3 Battles
– Engage in the classic match-3 battles to repel the zombie hordes.
– Harness the power of color advantages and hero skills to secure victory.

Boom Puzzles

Haven Upon Seas
– Lead your stalwart band of survivors to establish a robust base.
– Upgrade buildings and research techs to increase your power.

Boom Puzzles

Military Strategy
– Recruit heroes from diverse classes to form the ultimate team.
– Deploy elite soldiers for maximum impact on the world map.

Boom Puzzles

Friend or Foe
– United we stand. Build an alliance for survival in the apocalypse.
– Team up with allies to purge the land of the abominable zombies, and reap the bountiful rewards together.

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Available: Google Play – PH, HK, US, etc…

Boom Puzzles
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