Monster Hunter Dinosaur

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Monster Hunter Dinosaur (by AstonVisonSoft)

Monster Hunter: Dino released !!!

An epic that will captivate the world with epic challenges and sparkly battles !!!

Destroy the strongest monsters with extreme combat and immersion that you have never experienced before!

Game Introduction

For the Universe, Monster Hunter Dino

Dinosaurs (Tyranno, Raptor) become the main characters and fight the strongest monsters in the entire universe.
Global Hero Fantasy RPG

Monster Hunter Dinosaur

Raptor and Tyranno are resurrected!!!

Raptor and Tyranno are resurrected and equipped with combat units.
With devastating attack power and amazing high tension skills
Join the great mothership leaving for the strongest monster in the universe.

Monster Hunter Dinosaur

Completely redefining battles!! Extreme immersion and exhilarating sense of hitting

Extreme high-speed combat and brilliant action with amazing action and skill of Tyrannosaurus and Raptor
Experience the powerful pleasure of the overwhelming scale of driving battles and relentless turbulence.

Monster Hunter Dinosaur

Extensive contents covering the whole universe

Experience the overwhelming world of Monster Hunter Dino with friends around the world
Exchange your views. Overwhelming with countless quests and missions
You can hunt monsters and show off.

Monster Hunter Dinosaur

Characters that compete and cooperate with each other to complete

The stronger you become, the stronger you hunt the strongest opponent together.
Up to 5 multiplayer giant boss hunts in raids
You can also experience 1:1 Arena.

Monster Hunter Dinosaur

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