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Pixel X Racer – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Pixel X Racer (by HuntRed Games)

The Real Pixelated Retro Pixel Racer, features a completely customizable experience that lets you build the ultimate car collection. Spec Out your cars to get the edge over your rivals. Experience the ultimate car drag race and highway street races.

One of the most challenging pixel car games with countless features to build, tune, and race with your favorite cars!

Highlights and Features

• Realistic Car Tuning Experience with Extensive Car Parts

• Drag Racing, Street Racing, Cruise, and Rival Modes

• Real Gear Shifter Force Feedback Vibrations

Pixel X Racer

• Experience Actual Mechanisms of Engine,Gearbox,Suspension,Turbo,Nitro Boost, etc.

• Stunning Frequent Game Updates and Features

• Full Realistic Sound Effects

• Worldwide Leadership Board: Beat Your Rivals to Rank Up Top

Pixel X Racer

• Realistic Power Dyno Run

• Real Retro Pixelated Graphics Perfection

• Tyres Warm Up Meter: Burnouts and Perfect Launch

Pixel X Racer

• Custom Body Parts

• Custom Paintjobs

• Perfect Ergonomic Control Settings

Pixel X Racer

• Real racing shifters, pedals, speedometers, and RPM meters

• All Automotive Segment Classes with Tons of Kits and Parts

• Full Gameplay Backup

• Carefully Crafted for All Worldwide Car Enthusiasts

Official website

Pixel X Racer

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