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Mushroom Rush: Idle RPG

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mushroom Rush: Idle RPG (by SOFISH GAMES)

“What!? How did I turn into a mushroom? And I need to save your world?!”
After eating the transformed mushrooms, you have been a cute mushroom, gained super power and endless potential. As the chosen warrior, you will lead fantasy pets to explore and purify Mushroom Continent, which has been shrouded by the evil army. Please expel the darkness!
Mushroom Rush is a 3D Idle Action Role-Playing Game, which is different from others in that it perfectly integrates Mining, Workshop, Farm and other Simulation and Management game play during idle battle. Furthermore, Real player’ battles enrich the game experience. Idle hanging can create huge amounts of gold, enhance Mushroom various attributes. Rich Skills and combos bring you perfect 3D sense of percussion and best combat experience. Perfect Gear Merge forges stronger weapons. Gather your pet companions and join the teams of saving the world.

Purify Demons by idle battle
Challenge enemies automatically and claim unlimited gold. Easy to get started and suitable for players of all ages during leisure time.
All the mushrooms you like
More than 20 well-designed mushroom warriors are available for you to unlock. Select your mushroom with special Attributes based on team composition. Maximize your damage.

Mushroom Rush: Idle RPG

Collect gold to upgrade your Attributes
Enhance over 10 mushroom attributes freely, raise your personalized mushrooms with different focus attributes. Various genres such as Attack Speed and Tank are waiting for you to explore.
Equip 5 Skills to unleash cool combos
More than 30 kinds of powerful skills are at your disposal, and endless 3D skill effects bring the best combat experience.

Mushroom Rush: Idle RPG

Upgrade your Super Gear by Merge
Perfect Gear system with Skills and Talent, maximize the combat attributes of Mushroom team. Effortless one-click merge.
Cute Pets with Skills and Buff
More than 40 kinds of baby pets to be unlocked. Different skills and attributes trigger chain effects. Both owned and equipped effect can be stacked at the same time.

Mushroom Rush: Idle RPG

Diversified Dungeons, Rush mini-games
Various Dungeons and mini-games to help you win free treasure chest! Entrance keys are refreshed every day, whether you want Gold, Diamonds, Gears or Mushroom, you can get all here.
Simulation, Construction, Management
Mine for special resources, build Statues in Workshop to enhance combat attributes, and farm for spore cultivation to upgrade special mushrooms!
Guild and Plunder
Collaborate with other players around the world to battle. Whose guild will be the strongest one in the mushroom continent? Lead the Mushroom Pet Squad to defend against other players’ looting attacks and break into the global rankings.

Available: Google Play – SG

Mushroom Rush: Idle RPG

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