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Dual Spirit Blade: Idle RPG

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 듀얼 스피릿 블레이드 (by CodeDragon Inc.)

It is said that the demon world selects the strongest demons every thousand years and appoints a new demon king.
Before you know it, that time is approaching, new candidates for the Demon Lord arise, and war clouds hang over the Demon World.

When a new demon king is born, the human world will fall into crisis… !

With that thought in mind, the female swordsman heads to the demon world alone.
Let’s defeat the new demon king with the ancient sword spirits!

High quality dot graphics
This is what the dot game is like!
Immerse yourself in the splendor of a high-quality dot game.

듀얼 스피릿 블레이드

Amazing speed! Intense hitting feeling!
Experience the intense speed of Dual Spirit Blades.
The powerful hitting feeling is unrivaled.
Defeat demons with dual blades imbued with spirits!

듀얼 스피릿 블레이드

Let’s conquer the demon world with the sword spirits
Powerful sword spirits accompany the player.
Attack the demon world with the sword spirits and grow infinitely!

듀얼 스피릿 블레이드

Go away from complex and difficult strategies! Easy and fast training!
Did you have a hard time because of the complicated and difficult strategy?
Easy and fast training with super simple and intuitive UI!

듀얼 스피릿 블레이드

Various in-game events
To celebrate the opening, various in-game events are prepared.
Come on in and have fun.

There are such pretty costumes?
Are there pretty costumes that you haven’t seen in other games?
Enjoy pretty and stylish costumes in [Dual Spirit Blade: Idle RPG].

Available: Google Play / App Store – South Korea

듀얼 스피릿 블레이드

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