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The Idolmaster Shiny Colors: Songs for Prism

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism (by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.)

What makes this song shine is the journey with you.
The latest work of “THE IDOLM@STER Shiny Colors” is now available as an “idol training simulation & rhythm game”!

As a producer of the entertainment agency “283 (Tsubasa) Production”,
Spend your days with 28 unique idols, through lessons and work.
An idol production game that helps girls grow.
You send the idols you have raised to a new stage,
Through rhythm games, we will brighten up the songs and the stage in a variety of colors.

Idols expressed in 3D
In this work, unique idols are expressed in 3D!
It not only depicts the idols’ singing and dancing scenes, but also the detailed movements of everyday life!

Game system
“Produce Part” to develop idols

・“Encounters” with idols
Producing an “idol unit” as a producer!
Communicate and watch the idols grow.

アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism

・“Training” idols
Choose idols’ schedules and grow their abilities through lessons and jobs!
Whether you can pass the final audition with the idols depends on your production.

アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism

・“Daily life” with idols
During the production process, deepen your interactions with idols and develop trust.
Through various new stories drawn in full 3D, you will get to know the idols and spend your days together.

アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism

・“Memorial Live” where you can relive your journey with idols
After passing the final audition, a “Memorial Live” will be held where the “trajectories” you have walked with the idols will be revived along with their live performance.
The performance of the Memorial Live will change depending on the results of the production!
A must-see is the spectacular performance, which changes its expression every time it is produced.

アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism

<“Live Part” to make the idols you have shine even more>
– Organize the idols you have raised and challenge them to a “rhythm game”!
Let’s make the idols’ stage shine even more through realistic live scenes and an intuitive and exhilarating rhythm game!

アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism

・Contains many songs from “THE IDOLM@STER Shiny Colors”!
In addition to overall songs and unit songs, idol solo songs are also included. Furthermore, new songs will be added from time to time to coincide with the event!

・“Customization function” that makes idols shine even more
The producer’s role is to customize the appearance of the idols on stage.
Freely combine costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and more to make your idols your own!

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アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism
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