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Clash of Dinos

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The description of Clash of Dinos (by Dinoverse Game Studio)

Play Clash of Dinos, embark on an epic Jurassic-themed thrilling adventure Now!

Clash of Dinos is a new MMO Strategy game owned & powered by players. You can permanently own the Dinos, launch massive alliance warfare, and earn lucrative rewards by contributing to the development of dinosaur genetic research.

Build and Manage Your Dinosaur Park
In Clash of Dinos, you can not only own dozens of dinosaurs, but also tame and fit wild dinosaurs with guns and armor. Invite your friends to your park and even hatch a new species to make profit. This concept of ownership adds another immersive layer to the already engaging gameplay.

Clash of Dinos

Connect with the Largest Dino Community
Join the community with the most active Dino fans from all over the world, meet each other and earn with the most active player community. As a genetic researcher or an owner of the Genesis Dinosaur, you will be empowered to voice and take part in important decision makings about the future of the game ecosystem. The development of the game will always have your voice heard.

Clash of Dinos

Join Forces to Survive
Explore the prehistoric world, you will see fighting alone will never be easy. By creating or joining an Alliance, you can not only help each other, but also take down mutated dinosaurs, seize good areas to strengthen the Land and maximize the alliance power by leveraging members’ Land ownership to unlock group rewards, or simply trade/sell it.

Clash of Dinos

Experience a New Level of Strategy
Develop the outpost and fortress to dominate the dinosaur world, create your own army, train and command the blood-thirsty dinosaurs ready to destroy anything on their paths to win! Strategize various constraints of resources, time, and distances make your tactics and decision-making shine on the battlefield more than ever before.

Clash of Dinos

Have you ever been frustrated with the loss in PVP battles? Not to mention thousands of troops zeroed by just one rally attack?
Install Clash of Dinos today! A mobile strategy game you’ve never seen before.

Clash of Dinos

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