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Nova Fantasy

Soft Launch – Data will not be deleted + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Nova Fantasy (by Exptional Global)

The mysterious sign that appeared broke the quiet life. Family and friends were separated by the alien invasion… Under the gaze of the infinite abyss, the Chosen One is reborn and embarks on a new journey across dimensions to write the legend of hero.

It’s time to create OUR story

Fantasy adventure with fresh pixel style
Charming pixel grid! Familiar art style is presented more exquisitely with 100+ Maps, including Cybercity, Blue Coast, Ice Kingdom, etc. You could see all the wonders of the world, talk to different cosmic civilizations,and uncover the mysterious truth of Star Wars.

Nova Fantasy

A squad of five,your army of one
Control five characters at once to experience all kinds of exciting battles. Cultivate your role in all aspects to advance quickly. Multi-level profession transfer is supported. Specializing in output or an all-round generalist, depending on your preference.

Nova Fantasy

Get high rewards with the auto-farming bot
No more tedious grinding! The in-game bot will save you the trouble. Auto-farm each dungeon with one tap, then awesome loots and off-line benefits are all yours. BOSS costume now can be easily get. With its help, every exploration in the wild can be a surprise.

Nova Fantasy

Thrilling PVP battles and cross-server team battles
You can get prizes just by participating in PVP battles! Friends can also be made here. Forming a guild with them will be more efficient in killing the BOSS and getting treasures. Compete with other guilds across servers, fight together and come out on top!

Nova Fantasy

Massive personalized fashions
A highly free fashion room with 16+ dressable body parts. Mix and match a huge amount of themed fashions. Customize the face to express different emotions, and equip gorgeous feathers and colourful damage effects to make combat more adventurous!


Available: Google Play – SEA

Nova Fantasy
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