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Methods2: Secrets and Death

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Methods2: Secrets and Death (by Erabit Studios)

The second chapter in the Methods Visual Novel series.

Methods is a visual novel with simple crime investigation gameplay where you examine evidence and answer multiple-choice questions about the solution.

And the whole game has been split into five apps for the mobile release, with ‘Methods2: Secrets and Death’ being the second part, and containing Chapters 21-42.

Methods2: Secrets and Death


One hundred detectives compete against each other in a mysterious competition, solving crimes created by the world’s smartest criminals.

The detective who wins receives one million dollars and the opportunity of a lifetime.

Methods2: Secrets and Death

If a criminal wins, however, they will also receive a million dollars… and parole, no matter the severity of their crime.

At the end of the previous part, ‘Detective Competition,’ The Game Master decided to send a spy to infiltrate the group of detectives and impede their investigation.

Methods2: Secrets and Death

So, as an excellent spy—

Will Mellie be able to stop T.A.D.S before they can find the Game Master?

Find out in…
Methods2: Secrets and Death

Methods2: Secrets and Death

Key features:
Very Positive in Steam
Over 25 interactive crime scenes
Contains 20 Chapters
Original soundtrack
Absurd storyline
Distinctive artwork
Independent developer

Methods2: Secrets and Death
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