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Cyber Realm

Early access – Beta Android Open

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Cyber Realm (by RUOTU NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CORP.)

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📜 Developer Note:

  • Cyberpunk Game Adventure Needs Android Testers!
  • Calling all Android gamers! As we extend our test server for one more week to perfect our new version, we are excited to invite you to help test our game’s Android version.
  • On request – https://www.facebook.com/CyberRealm2024

“Cyber Realm” invites you to dive into a thrilling 3D open-world adventure with a cyberpunk twist. In this captivating ARPG, immerse yourself in a city filled with mechs, magical wonders, and mythical creatures.

Crafted with Unreal Engine, our game unfolds a vast and free-roaming cityscape for you to explore. Master powerful mechs and harness supernatural powers in dynamic, real-time battles with the ability to chain multiple skills together. Team up with fellow players to challenge epic bosses, while collecting the latest fashion trends to make your character truly iconic. As a hero, your job is to protect the city from the relentless invasion of alien creatures and save the future!

Elemental Fusion

Equip gear with various elemental qualities to unleash your character’s true potential. Mix and match elements like wind and fire to produce explosive effects that deliver maximum devastation to your enemies.

Cyber Realm

Fashion Right at Your Fingertips

In “Cyber Realm”, fashion isn’t just about looking good–it’s earned through leveling up and conquering bosses. Unlock a large wardrobe of outfits to create your own unique style and stand out from the crowd.

Cyber Realm

Epic Team Battles

Collaborate with players from diverse professions and wield your unique set of skills. Engage in strategic real-time combat where teamwork is essential to repel menacing monsters and huge beasts while safeguarding the metropolis from imminent threats.

Cyber Realm

Mech Mayhem

Equip your mech with exclusive weapons, including cannons, laser blades, and gatling guns. Enjoy a 50% damage reduction and deal explosive damage that obliterates magical creatures with every shot.

Cyber Realm

“Cyber Realm” promises an immersive journey where every choice you make shapes the destiny of the city. Get ready to protect, conquer, and stand out in a world where mechs, magic, and myth collide!

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/CyberRealm2024?notif_id=1705021060834152

Cyber Realm


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