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Raven Soul

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 레이븐소울 (by PangSky)

Game introduction

Away from the banal stories that no longer have a soul!
In a world where tips and tricks coexist, the king of fantasy armed with thrilling battles and rich stories!
Face the unavoidable fate of passing, staying, leaving, and meeting again!

Game features:

Easy progress with one tap
Adventure with exotic colleagues in a fantasy world!
Defeat enemies with a convenient auto-battle system to earn rewards and complete quests!


Unconventional benefits
Resources that are paid endlessly at the same time as the start!
Various free rewards and rich offline rewards!


Exquisite strategy
Even the strongest team is useless in front of absolute resourcefulness!
Win the victory with a combination of powerful skills!


Cooperative play
Cooperative play in real time!
Defeat the enemy with your teammates right now!


A solid game worldview
A colorful scenario! A world of endless adventure.
The world of Raven Soul spreads out in front of you!

Available: Google Play – KR


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