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The description of Arena Breakout (by Morefun Studios)

Arena Breakout is a survival shooter mobile game. In this game, players will take control of a virtual soldier in a large, open map scene that can carry different weapons to counter the obstruction of enemies played by artificial intelligence. Players can collect materials, survive and cooperate, and complete challenge tasks in the map scene in the form of individual or team cooperation.

Fighting and fighting

You need to use different tactics to help yourself break through. Whether it’s a roundabout ambush, or a frontal shot, remember, it’s your goal to evacuate with supplies. When you aim at the enemy, you may also be exposed within range.

The battle begins here

Before entering the battle, you need to choose the entry equipment to determine your combat power. Is it a full-suited boss, a half-suited civilian, or a naked runner? Different strategies, different battle experience, every choice is closely related to your harvest, this is a heartbeat challenge with a high degree of freedom.

Free modification of firearms

After successfully breaking through the battlefield, you can use the high-degree-of-freedom realistic firearms transformation system to assemble accessories, transform firearms, and prepare for the next dark zone game. 700+ bolt accessories, a variety of bullet options, create your own dark area firearms!

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