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Pre-registration Open

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Anipang Blast (by Wemade Play Co.,Ltd.)

Pre-register Anipang Blast and get rewards!
A full set of Special Items to blast Blocks is ready for just Pre-registration users!

Tap, Blast, and WIN! Play Puzzle with a simple touch!
Easy and fun Touching Puzzle Game!

Anipang Blast

Casual Puzzle Game! A Puzzle Game where you can learn in a few sec!
-Easy control for anyone to play with! A Blasting Game that you can enjoy in a short time!
-Touch when there are two or more blocks of the same color!
-Give a slight Tap! BANG! Blast Blocks of the same color!

Anipang Blast

Hit more of the same colored Blocks at a time to get Special Blocks!
-Cute-shaped Special Blocks! More powerful special blocks with more of the same color!
-If you combine Special Blocks, you can get stronger Special Effects!
-Get as many Points as you can within a given number of times with your own Special Block Strategy!


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The description of Anipang Match (by Wemade Play Co.,Ltd.)

Lovely Match-3 Puzzle Game Anipang Match is for pre-registration!
Pre-register now to get a full set of ‘Duck Raincoat’!

Match, Pop, and Earn!
ANIPANG IP with 75M downloads now becomes ANIPANG MATCH!
You can earn coins by playing simple Match-3 Puzzles!

Anipang Match

Enjoy playing Match-3 with Special Blocks! PLAY TO EARN
-Cute Match-3 Puzzle Game! Match Animal Blocks to get Special Combos!
-Unique Special Combo Effects! Great puzzle graphics that maximizes excitements in flying blocks!
-Speedy Match-3 with unique touch! Use various items to remove blocks!

Anipang Match

Crypto Puzzle Game where Level clear leads to growth!
-Match-3 Puzzle full of Colorful Graphics and cute Animal Blocks every levels!
-Fruits, Candle, Grass, and countless Obstacle blocks to test your Puzzle-solving Skills!
-Unique Match-3 gameplay that makes you lose track of time and Level System encouraging your desire to win!


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The description of Anipang Coins (by Play Metachain Corp.)

Get a bunch of Dream Coins by pre-registering Anipang Coins now! Energies to spin are ready too!
Pre-register now to get Gifts and Dream Coins you get when spinning!

Spin, Attack, and WIN! Simple Casual Slot Coin Game!
Spin and Raid to get more Coins!

Anipang Coins

Spin to earn your loot! The Best and Simple Casual Slot!
-Welcome to the Coin Trip where you can test your luck! Play Anipang Coins and become a Miner to find Coins!
-Test your luck by spinning Machines or Wheel easily and simply! You might get a Coin Jackpot!
-Just press the button to get Rewards! What kind of item will it be this time?

Anipang Coins

Earn Coins by stealing them! Attack and Raid your Friends!
-A Special way to get Crypto Loot! Attack or Raid your Friends and steal it!
-Not enough Coins with just Machines or Wheels? Go hunt Coins yourself!
-Revenge your friend who attacked you! Goddess of Fortune is on my side!
-Protect your picture from your enemies so they can’t steal your Coins!


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